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The Lights Go Down... Stay Safe

This post is being written while we sit at home during lockdown. The three week lockdown, as required by government, has come as quite a surprise and, while we have been monitoring the Coronavirus outbreak in China, we had hoped that South Africa would be spared the devastating effect of the virus.

It has, however, made us all aware of how easily a virus can be spread and how important general hand hygiene can be in stopping the spread of infection from colds and flu to more serious threats such as Coronavirus. We always maintain a very clean shop at NitroPark, something we’ve been very proud of. But, in the case of Coronavirus, and while we may not be happy about it, we do understand the need to close up shop for the mandated three weeks in order to halt the spread.

It still felt strange though, switching all the games and lights off, powering down all the computers and equipment that make NitroPark such a fun and exciting place. It felt eerily quiet without all the laughter and sounds of people having fun. We can only hope that the threat facing the country will be over soon and we can all get back to rolling some balls down the lanes; zooming around in the dodgem cars and having fun in the arcade.

Take care everyone and follow the hygiene guidelines to stay safe during the lockdown. We look forward to seeing you soon and, if we all have to stay at home, let’s get some rest if we can and recharge those batteries.


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